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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Caridi


Caridi always puts itself in the customer’s shoes and strives to make all customers get the greatest satisfaction. We firmly believe that the trust of customers is essential, and the “personal information” obtained from customers must be kept properly without slightest slack.

In order to effectively protect customers’ personal information, based on the JIS Q 15001 standard, the company has established and implemented a commitment mechanism for the protection of personal information, and continuously improved the practical effect of the mechanism, striving to properly use and keep personal information.

The company’s personal information protection policy is as follows, and all employees try to put it into practice.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Collection of Personal Information                                                                                    When collecting personal information, the company will inform the users of the purpose of use in advance and ask the customers for permission. This principle is also followed when collecting personal information through websites.        

  2. About the Use and Provision of Personal Information                                                Except for the following circumstances, the company will not use personal information for other purposes.

    • With the consent of customer;

    • When used after special processing fails to identify a specific person;

    • When laws and regulations require personal information;

    • Except in special circumstances such as required by laws and regulations, the company will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the person.

  3. Proper Managemeznt of Personal Information                                                              The company has been paying attention to ensure the correctness of personal information, and updates at any time, and tries to prevent personal information loss, destruction, tampering, disclosure, and illegal theft.  

  4. Confirmation and Amendment of Personal Information                                            Upon receipt of any request for personal information, such as inquiry, confirmation, correction, withdrawal, etc., the company shall promptly respond to the request within a reasonable scope if it is confirmed that the applicant is the owner of the information.

  5. About Contact Window                                                                                                                The company will set up a contact window to receive all kinds of inquiries related to personal information protection policy and personal information.

  6. Observing the Laws and Improving Personal Information Protection Mechanism                                                                                                                                  While strictly abiding by the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, the company will modify the above provisions in due time to improve the personal information protection mechanism. This policy applies to all personal information obtained through other channels as well as to customer information obtained by the company.

Personal Information Safekeeping Method

Thank you for your support and love for Caridi.

Caridi has specially formulated the personal information protection policy in order to properly keep the personal information which is vital to customers. Based on this policy, Caridi will implement the following custody measures for customers' personal information.

Purpose of Use

Caridi and its group companies may use the customer's personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To introduce the products sold by our company (jewelry, watches, etc.)

  2. To introduce or provide after-sales service for the company’s products

  3. To send information about exhibitions, promotions and lectures

  4. To carry out market survey (questionnaire survey, etc.)

  5. Other contacts related to the company’s business, etc.

Information Safekeeping

Based on the laws and other regulations, the company will take strict security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, tampering, disclosure and illegal theft of personal information.

In the case of outsourcing, such as mailing, the outsourcing objects are only limited to enterprises that have signed the required contracts, which will be under our proper management.

Contact Us

If you no longer need any information sent by Caridi and its group companies in the future, please contact the following departments. All kinds of consultation related to personal information, such as information content revision, are also accepted by the following departments.

Consulting Window

Customer Service Center of Caridi: 02-2707-1920

(working hours: 10:30~21:00/except holidays)

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