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Amazing Jewelry Craftsmanship

The Art from Italy

Caridi’s high-end customized series, handmade with its own top-tier gemstone materials and exclusive famous Italian jewelers, demonstrates the outstanding jewelry art handed down from generation to generation.

Caridi began mining in 1921,

and in 2013, it excavated the world’s rare and top-tier imperial chrysoprase in central Australia.

In 2015, it became an upstream supplier of rude ore and loose goods.

In 2016, under the leadership of chief executive Christian Christianos, the company transformed from “Olynthos” to “Caridi”,

with the concept of elegance, luxury and daring,

cooperating with Italian masters to create fine handmade jewelry.

For a long time, Caridi has been insisting on its dream,

presenting products with superior quality,



creating the best service for each customer,

and showing the unique temperament of each jewelry work.

Such pursuit has made us successful in the past and made us stronger in the future.

Original design work in Europe | hand-inlaid high class ornaments 

Fine jewelry made in Italy | specializing in colored gemstone design

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